Here’s what our friends and patients have to say

“…Goes above and beyond to answer any questions…”

“Laura Powell was my assigned supervisor during my final semester of graduate school. She was willing to supervise me during my clinical outplacements in the final phase of my education before I received my Masters degree in speech-language pathology. During my 16-week placement with Laura, she taught me more about the field of speech-language pathology than I ever thought was possible. She is extremely skilled in numerous settings within the field of speech-language pathology and possesses the knowledge and experience to provide exceptional assessment and intervention to both children and adults with a wide variety of impairments and disorders. Not only does Laura keep up with the most current research to provide evidence-based therapy practices, she is also flexible in her ability to cater her treatment approaches to the specific and unique needs of each of her clients. Additionally, she has the unique ability to effectively communicate and educate her clients and their families about their conditions, appropriateness of treatment goals, and prognostic outcomes. Laura assumes utmost responsibility for the well being of each of her clients and goes above and beyond to answer any questions and provide exceptional rehabilitative services. She is extremely personable and maintains a friendly but professional environment for her clients and their families, which allows her to relate to her clients on a more personal level. I would highly recommend Laura to anyone seeking skilled speech and language therapy services.”

-S., Speech pathology graduate student

“…We could not be happier with the results.”

“My twin sons were professionally diagnosed with speech problems in 4th grade. Over the course of the last 4 years we had little success with the various attempts at speech therapy. As 8th graders, they were both becoming increasingly embarrassed about their speech problems and becoming more shy when meeting new people because they couldn’t correctly pronounce their names, were often misunderstood and had to constantly repeat themselves. It was definitely affecting their self-esteem and confidence. Upon further discussion with our school counselor, we contacted Laura Powell. Our experience with Laura was truly incredible.  At the first appointment, she individually assessed both boys and quickly determined that their inability to form the tongue in certain positions was the cause of their problems making ‘r’ sounds. Laura gave them simple tongue exercises to repeat daily. This was definitely a different approach to speech therapy than we previously experienced, with different results, too! Within four weeks (only four 30-minute sessions) one son’s ‘r’ issues were resolved.  The other had some additional tongue placement issues and consequently had two additional sessions, for a total of six. So to recap, within less than two months both boys were FINALLY able to pronounce their ‘r’s correctly! We cannot thank Laura enough. Not only is she incredibly skilled, but she is also extremely personable and relatable. The boys really enjoyed working with her and we could not be happier with the results. It sure would’ve been great to find her 4 years ago when we became aware of our sons’ speech problems.”

-J., mother

“…I am really happy with her services.”

“I am 14 I have struggled with a speech problem for years. In my fourth grade year I first went to speech therapy through the public school system. I did that until I was in fifth grade, and had gotten nowhere. For two years I had no therapy and I just talked weird to people. When I went into eighth grade, I decided I needed help. My mom scheduled an appointment with Laura Powell and I went to my appointment. She was so quick to fix my problem and she was really fun. It took about 5 appointments for me to start talking “normal”. I am really happy with her services.”

-D., patient

“…I was cured of my speech problem.”

“My experience with Laura Powell was excellent! I’m 14 and I’ve tried speech therapy for about a year somewhere else and it just didn’t work. When I finally went to Laura Powell, I felt like it would work. And in about 6-7 weeks, I was cured of my speech problem.”

-C., patient

“We are very fortunate to have Laura…”

“Not your typical patient, I was diagnosed with an open bite caused by a tongue thrust swallow at the age of 55.  I was not successful trying to correct my swallowing on my own.  It takes a therapist to teach proper tongue placement and swallowing techniques when you are doing it incorrectly.  We are very fortunate to have Laura in our community with the training and special set of skills in this area.  I appreciate what she has done for me.”

-D., patient

“…Works well with both children and their parents.”

“Laura Powell is an excellent resource for any parent interested in correcting their child’s tongue thrust. She is very empathetic and works well with both children and their parents.  My 7-year-old daughter remained motivated and engaged throughout treatment and really “owned” her oral therapy.  While working with Laura, she was able to state the importance of what she was doing as well as correctly demonstrating the oral exercises Laura planned for her every week. I saw a huge improvement over the course of treatment and feel that my time and money were very well spent.”

-T., mother and speech-language pathologist

“…Has changed my daughter’s life.”

“From the first day with Tami, my daughter has improved TREMENDOUSLY! Tami, as an individual, is amazing. She is very kind, respectful, and positive. There is nothing I appreciate more than a positive energy. Tami, as a therapist, is very patient, intelligent, kind, and knowledgeable. My child loves her and has improved so much with her. Tami is truly amazing. She has changed my daughter’s life. I could never thank her enough for everything she does and has done for my daughter. Tami is a great person, teacher, and influencer.”

-J., mother

“We feel like she has worked a miracle.”

“My son worked with Laura for 5 months on an articulation disorder that we had spent FOUR YEARS trying to correct with another provider of speech services.  At the end of 5 months, the disorder was corrected and we feel confident, three months later, that it has stabilized and will not be a problem in the future.  The way Laura approaches speech disorders is different from the traditional SLP approach (although she is fully conversant in that approach as well) and it worked well for us.  We were definitely involved on a daily basis in the therapy, which worked well for us after 4 years of hands-off non-success; Laura very clearly outlines the steps she expects from patient and family; and probably most importantly to us, she involved our son in the process, explaining to him what they were doing, and giving him direct feedback as he progressed.  Of course, it helps that she is great with kids, has a wonderful sense of humor, and endless amounts of patience.  We feel like she worked a miracle, but I think she would say that she simply has a handle on what works in most situations and the confidence in the process to get results.  Regardless, if I EVER meet somebody who needs SLP therapy in the state of Missouri I will recommend her.”

-L., mother